Hi all,

I have a Hamer XT Standard (http://www.hamerguitars.com/?fa=detail&mid=399) and am looking to replace the nut, but I have no idea what dimensions I need. I've scoured the internet to try and find out, but have found nothing so far.

Any help on sizes and/or suitable replacements would be much appreciated.

Measure it.

Nut blanks are made in various styles, flat bottom for gibson type guitars, arched for strats in slots, and often in simple rectangular blanks you file down to fit yourself.

I get a blank, mark it with a pencil or fine tip marker by the old one, and sand away everything but the lines. Then it's still slightly oversize, and I can switch to fine grit sandpaper for finishing to size.

Then you need nut files to cut the slots...
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