I just have a simple question

Are the necks on these basses really heavy? I can't get to a shop anytime soon to try one on my own so I just wanna know. I play guitar really low usually, below my crotch even, I just find it comfortable that way because my picking hand shoulder never hurts. Say I sling the bass that low as well, would the neck be falling down or not? Would I have to forcefully hold it up?

Thanks in advance
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bass have longer necks so you need to adjust your playing style.. unless you have really long arms, then it is no issue to you at all.
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None of these answer any question i asked lol
I'm a dirty fuckin' punk / i sell myself for a beer
at least get a vm. and it shouldnt be too bad.
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That doesn't answer my question either? If you're not gonna help then don't post at all
I'm a dirty fuckin' punk / i sell myself for a beer
Yes, it is likely that your fretting hand will have to help support the neck a bit on an Affinity while playing, but your question is not as simple as it might seem.

The neck-dive problem with Affinity basses is not with heavy necks; it's with the light bodies, even if they are alder.

To keep costs down, most Affinity basses (both P & J) have bodies that are noticeably thinner than their VM and CV counterparts. This reduces the overall weight on your shoulder but usually injects some neck dive into the equation.

Having said that, Affinity basses vary in weight from axe to axe. What you want is an Affinity bass with the heaviest body you can find. Since most of the on-line retailers don't provide comparative weights for budget basses you will simply have to try them out in person to find the one you are looking for.

It may not matter to you but AFAIK the only true Affinity P basses (single P/U) are the older discontinued Indonesian models. The new models are PJ's, most of which are made in China.

By upping your budget a bit and going for a VM or CV P-bass with a thicker body you can probably come closer to eliminating neck dive. Alternatively, you can look for a used MIM P-bass on Craig's List. In my experience they have about the heaviest bodies, and can usually be found in decent shape for $300 or less.

FWIW, my old Indonesian Affinity P-bass had some neck dive but a 4" leather strap kept it from moving. YMMV.
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