Recently, I've been looking for a nicer guitar to keep at home and play on break while I take my modded Epi Les Paul to college, so I've been hanging out at the local guitar stores trying to find the perfect match.

Today, I stopped in at Guitar Center and sat down with this Arctic White Fender Standard Strat and instantly fell in love. I loved the tone, and the C neck and maple fretboard were super comfortable.

This is the exact guitar, but the brand new one I played is on sale for $499 until May 12th: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender/Standard-Stratocaster-Electric-Guitar-with-Maple-Fretboard.gc

Does anyone here have any experience with this particular model of Strat? It gave me pause at first to see that this particular guitar was made in Mexico, but then again I've heard that the Mexican factories have great quality standards and are almost on par with the American plants. I loved the thing, but as with any big purchase I like to do my research first.

What say you, good people of Ultimate Guitar? Should I pull the trigger or keep looking for another Strat?
If you really liked the guitar, then that's more proof that it's the one for you than what anybody on UG has to say.

I'm not a big fan of Strat trems in general, and the ones you get on the MIM Standard strats aren't the best. But for the price range, those guitars are a really solid choice.
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Looking back at it, the weird thing about this MIM Strat was that it didn't have a tremolo, which I'm actually totally okay with if they're not of the best quality.
Maybe it just didn't have the trem bar in it, but the strat you linked to has a tremolo bridge. And I'd wager so did the one you played because it's highly unlikely that they're making hardtail MIMs.
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MIM strats are some of the best bang for the buck guitars out there, and $499 isn't too shabby of a price for a new one, either.

The only thing I will add, is that I don't know what your budget is, but if you're open to the used market at all, I do occasionally see some really good deals on American made strats for not too much more, around $700 sometimes. They will have even better hardware and electronics than the MIM, and you'd easily be able to get that much back for it if you sold it later on.

Nonetheless, MIM strats are quality axes. You can't go wrong either way!
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I would never spend the money on a new MIM strat. I have probably owned a dozen Mexican fenders and you can find nice ones used ones for under $300 all day every day. At the moment I have two MIM strats, and I got one for $180 and the other for $250.
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I would never spend the money on a new MIM strat. I have probably owned a dozen Mexican fenders and you can find nice ones used ones for under $300 all day every day. At the moment I have two MIM strats, and I got one for $180 and the other for $250.

Agreed. I bought a used MIM in mint condition burgundy body rosewood neck with a white pickguard. It had the stock SSS pups swapped out for a classic noiseless set and it came with a molded (not square) hard case...$400 shipped.
Have that exact guitar. Really good guitar in general, and a great value for money. Compared to my American Standards and my American Deluxe, the fretboard edges aren't as smoothly sanded, it only has 21 frets, and the pickups are not the most vintage authentic Strat tone out there... (Not necessarily a bad thing) I still play it as much as my other Strats.

If you like the guitar, there's no reason not to get it.
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I was looking around for a new guitar for a couple of months, and the American Standards that I could find were way out of my price range, so it was between this one and my Deluxe Players strat. I played both a lot and I decided to get the Deluxe player's strat. I do believe it was worth the extra. It has push/push switching, ash body, vintage noiseless pickups, and looks pretty snazzy too (I got the crimson with maple neck).
MIM standards are for the most part good guitars. since you've played that one and liked it that is what counts most. GC often takes the trem bars off the guitars so they don't get lost or stolen they'll give it to you when you buy. i do agree that you are better off seeing if they have any used ones though. for the used price they are a great deal. as mentioned the stock pickups aren't vintage for the super clean strat sound but work well with distortion and the clean sound sin't that bad.