I bought an 80's "shred" Tele made by guild, I bought this around 5 months ago and it came with EMGs (The main reason I bought it, mindset was if it was a dud i still have some $200 pickups in it), A VERY primative Kahler Tremolo (Which was removed and the cavity was filled and then a 15 dollar hardtail is on it now). And it has been a hassle every since i got it, The bridge replacement was a major one and now i've noticed that the frets are well... pretty ***ed... Ive seated them with a brass hammer and they look pretty level, but on the G and D strings from past the 16th to 22nd, Dead notes galore.Whats A way I could possibly fix this( I dont wanna take it to a tech to get a fret fix because thatll be $100 repair for $150 guitar) So what may be causing this, how can i fix it, or should I just sell the pickups and cut my losses? Thanks
I'd be interested in seeing a shot of the "primitive" kahler Tremolo. Mind explaining what you mean by that?

Any idea what the radius on the guitar might be?
And how did you check your frets for level?

I don't have issues with expensive fret work on cheap guitars if it'll really make the guitar worthwhile (I've done a fret superglue and a PLEK job on a $200 B stock).

You need to figure out if the dead notes are the result of the D and G strings (I'm assuming they're new strings, right?) being too low. That's why the question about the radius of the strings compared to the radius of the fretboard (this could easily be an issue occasioned by the replacement of the bridge by someone who didn't check the string radius). There's another possibility: it's not unusual to see a Gibson Hump (typically the 16th to the 22nd frets) on an LP OR a Tele. That may need to be fixed. And finally, you might consider having the frets superglued. If you're unclear as to what that is, check with StewMac's newsletters on the subject. If you've got *real* dead frets, this will often fix them.