I've been playing about 1 1/2 years and have avoided using a metronome until recently - my chord changes are very slow but I know that sticking with the metronome will help that. As much as I dislike the thing I will stick with it.

I am really trying to keep a straight wrist to free up my fingers, and have lowered the bpm even to the mid 40s to make sure I'm getting clear sound (the problems I have are with my acoustic, and I play it in the classical position).

If I leave my thumb in the middle of the neck for most chords (I move it around as needed), I always seem to break my wrist and feel tension - even when really concentrating on keep the wrist straight. I am going to get additional lessons - this was not focused on with my previous teacher. Anyway I know this issue comes up a lot, and I appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thanks for reading.
The best thing to do is get a feel for how hard you really need to be pushing (hint, it's not hard!)

Pick any note on the guitar and mute it with your left hand, and pluck it. Then keep pressing ever so slightly harder until the note sounds. Once you've got a feel for how hard you need to press down, apply this to your playing, slow RIGHT down, you don't even need to use a metronome to start (this can be introduced later) and just practise switching between chords usining minimal pressure.
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Hey thanks for the tips folks - I will look at elbow position and how hard I am pressing the strings - I know I am using may too much force. I will practice slowly with as little force as possible. It's pretty comical to think of trying to keep up with a metronome when your hand/wrist feels like it's been trying to crush rocks.

Thanks again.