My digitech whammy 5 for some reason just died on me during use started giving this high pitches whiny siren noise. I unplugged it, then plugged it back it, it worked again for a bit until it turned its self on and off a few times before making this annoying noise.

I'm using a powerbar to power it, and i noticed on the powerbar that the LED above the port that powers the whammy pedal dims when i plug it in. What can that be a sign of?

Ive had the pedal for half a year and no problems so not too sure what it could be! always been on the same set up
Google how to do the hard reset.

Its something like unplug it. then when you plug it in you hold the button down till it blinks, then move the pedal all the way forward and back a few times.

If that doesn't fix it then likely something came undone or is broken.
I did that no luck. It's gotta be something with the power really heartbroken I have a gig that's gonna be televised Saturday and she is fried!

Weird how it stopped working all at once
were you always using the same power supply?
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were you always using the same power supply?

Yes, always off my powerbar, main reason i bought it was because it had dc voltage compared to whammys usual ac so that it would go on my powerbar rather than its own supply
Probably the power supply went bad
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