I'm playing in a rock/metal band with a little setup (singer/drummer/me on guitar) and we're trying to add some samples and pads during our song to make the sound a bigger when required. I couldn't find a (not to expensive) hardware sampler able to do this, so I'm thinking about buying a dedicated synth (or a samplerbox) for pads and use my digitech jamman stereo for the longer samples.

We want everything to be on a desktop, not controlled by footswitches, which means controlling the jamman with an external switch (to make it more "finger-frendly" ) I know the jamman has a switch entry, but I couldn't find if there is any way to decide what the external switch controles.

According to the manual, the tap tempo can be controlled by the switch, but what about the start/stop function? Has anyone tried if this can be done?