Hey all!

Been sometime since I've posted but trying to get back on track with music.

So, I have this 2011 Gibson 60s Tribute guitar. I absolutely love the tone but compared to my Ibanez RG the neck is so wide and the action is much much higher. (I almost wonder if it was never set-up at the store.) I have a hard time doing bar chords with my LP but my RG plays them like butter. I would just play my RG but the only thing I like about it more is the comfort of the neck. The tone on my LP is much better so I'm wondering how would I go about lowering the action? Is it pretty easy for an Les Paul?

I know very little about guitar up-keep other then changing strings and cleaning.

I would take it up to a music store but I'm a little tight on funds till I pay off some bills and its a pretty good drive to the nearest music store. So, I'm hoping I can figure it out on my own.

If anyone can recommend how to go about doing this it would be much appreciated!
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Also, you can probably bet it wasn't setup at the store, and probably not very well before Gibson shipped it. The cheaper Gibson's still sound and for the most part play great, but are pretty neglected. My buddy has one of the tribute LP's, and it's one of my favourite LP's I've played.
There shouldn't be much issue lowering the action on a LP that's in good rig, but you need to know that Gibson frequently ships the guitars with nuts that are cut for medium-high action. Often you need to have your tech work on both the nut AND the bridge to get the action down where it belongs. There's also the question of whether your guitar has level frets (and if the truss rod is adjusted properly). Once all four items are taken care of (and you want to do this with new strings on your guitar), you should be able to get the action on an LP as low as on any other guitar.