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Hi Ug!

Happy Bank Holiday for those based in UK

I wanted to ask you all a question as I am in a bit of a dilemma here. So I have been fortunate enough to be offered two job offers.

Now the question is, I don't really know which one to pick.

The first offer Pros: Pay's a lot more than I imagined and it will financially help me by a ton.
Cons: Not something that I really want to do.

Second role: Pro's: It will help me break in the field.

Con's: 1) Doesn't pay nearly enough that I need, in fact money-wise I get paid a lot more in my previous job.
2) It is a lot more cut throat industry
3) x10 times the pressure.

The thing is I am 24 and will be 25 in a few months time. I ideally would like to be financially secured by 25. However, my brain says to go for the 1st role but my heart tells me to stick with the 2nd role.
This has been playing on my mind for the past few days and really am struggling with making a decision. Hence why I am asking you lot in UG.

2nd one

breaking into a field is something you really want in the long term i would say

you're still young, one payday at 25 won't hurt or help you

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I would go for the first job to get yourself secure and then go after what you want. Money talks, bullshit walks.
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i'm gonna go with the first option, bud

i'd rather have a great job that pays well, kinda boring
than a job where i feel like killing myself after a hard days work

work really isn't ever that fun, unless you're are the top or running your own business
even that can be a pain in the ass.

take the safe route.
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Quote by usernamenottake
I ideally would like to be financially secured by 25.

I think we have very different definitions of 'financially secured'.

Either that or the job you're looking at is 'lottery winner'.
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Quote by slapsymcdougal
I think we have very different definitions of 'financially secured'.

Either that or the job you're looking at is 'lottery winner'.

Okay, by financially secured I did not mean to get payed £100,000 a year etc..

I just meant have a nice comfy paycheck
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You need to eat. If you're living with parents, I guess you can go option #2. Otherwise do what you need to do.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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So - being someone who has come down a path and worked his way up in a company just to find unhappiness:

If you have outstanding debt, loans, or issues and can tolerate doing something you might not be able to relate to for 2 years - do something you might not care to do for 2 years and see about mobility within the company thereafter.

If you do not have outstanding debt, loans, or aren't working towards actively provisioning money to purchase financial security later in life - Chase something you can relate to and won't hate doing every day.

Basically - if you aren't started in on funding the decision of "who wipes my ass when I'm 90?" choose money. If you're secure in that or the idea doesn't terrify you as it does me - seek employment for love.

Now - if you're looking at sandbagging more than 2-3 years, go for love of the job. Its a pain in the ass to try to change job function and career path. You likely won't be able to do that without sustaining a paycut.

Background - in an operations strategy role for a global company. Started in order entry. Been here 10 years. Not passionate about what we sell, but I'm able to find silver lining in the work to make day-to-day life pallet-able. Looking to hop into a financial field.
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2nd for sure.
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What are the jobs?
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Number 2. The fact that you are considering this job shows that it is a hard field to get started in and there is not going to be any easy alternatives. Take your ass kicking now because the more time passes the less likely you will ever end up in this field.

At 24 your life to this point has been centered around building for the long term of your life. As you continue aging, you will be less able to justify working for the long term and will be expected to be at your ceiling.

You don't want to look back at your life bored and regretting taking the path of least resistance.
Edit: also, every all my ^ this.

I vote #2 as well. If you know what you want to do, then you should know it comes with its challenges which, I imagine, will initially include financial security. Call it the pursuit of happiness. But the payoff is just that. Lasting satisfaction working at what's close to the heart (something I hope to find someday), unlike #1.

You set the goals, now you have to tackle them while you can.
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I'm 24 and looking to sort of kick start a stagnant career but with limited options because I have a family to support.

If I was able to take a paycut and a bit of a kicking to get in an industry I'd love to work in (assuming in the long run I'd be earning enough to provide for my family) I absolutely would.

Assuming you have no massive responsibilities, go for option 2 bro. Follow your dreams. You too could be a Leicester.
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Definitely job 2. No matter how much you're paid for either job, after a couple months the cool factor will wear off and you'll find yourself in the grind of having to get up and go to work every day. If you're not going to the job that your heart is into, you'll wind up miserable and wishing you made a different choice.

>>Cons: Not something that I really want to do.<<

Big warning sign there buddy...pay attention to it while you still have the choice!

Good luck!
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Quote by EndTheRapture51
2nd one

breaking into a field is something you really want in the long term i would say

you're still young, one payday at 25 won't hurt or help you

I've taken many jobs for the money over the satisfaction and, at least for me, it isn't sustainable. I don't work well when I'm not happy and motivated by the role, it's no good for me or the employer.
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Don't worry about pay/"""""work/life balance"""" at the start. Just focus on making sure that you're getting the experience and resume build in what you want to do with your life.
Think about what you want to be doing in 5 years' time and then pick the option that gets you there. If neither option gets you there, don't pick either of them.

A bit of advice which you can take or leave (it's only my opinion) - if you choose things that you know deep down you want or ought to do, you will ultimately end up where you are happy and financially secure. If all else fails, flip a coin. You can always override the outcome...