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This post may become somewhat long, to provide as much detail as possible.

I have a 2004 Schecter 006 Deluxe that I put an EMG 81 (Solderless) in a couple years ago, and recently, I've noticed a strong buzz when playing with high gain tones. It is possible that the noise has always been there and I'm only just noticing it. The problem occurs both when playing through an amp, and my laptop with Amplitube 4.

I know gain is noisy, but the buzz only happens when the guitar is facing in 2 particular directions, which are directly opposite each other. Also, the buzz gets louder when I raise the guitar close to the ceiling.
After quite a bit of research to try and find out what the problem is, and how to fix it, I think that it's EMI from a light fixture in the ceiling with a fan attached to it, as the buzz is loudest with the guitar held next to the fan. Turning the fan off does nothing to affect the buzz. Touching the guitar in various places does nothing.

I tried removing the pickup from the guitar, leaving it connected, and aiming it around the room. The buzz changed as I turned the pickup. Turning the guitar while holding the pickup stationary did nothing.

Here are a few of the things I've done to try and solve the problem:

Tried 3 totally different cables; a 10 foot Musician's Gear Braided Instrument Cable,
a Peavey PV Series Cable, and a 5 foot cable which has no identifying marks. (No change)

Shielded the control cavity and the pickup cavity with this stuff and made sure it is conducting properly with a multimeter. (This seemed to reduce the buzz just a tiny bit)

Tried other outlets in the room. (No change)

Tried playing through the amp with it plugged into a battery pack instead of an outlet. (No change)

Tried turning off quite a few other possible sources of EMI, such as my laptop, tv, xbox, and the 2 dimmer knobs around the house. (No change)

I've spent the last week looking for answers, and have found quite a few, but none have helped, except the shielding. I'm hoping that someone here could provide some help that isn't anywhere else I've looked.

I can provide a recording of the sound if necessary.

Any and all help is appreciated
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Perhaps you did this but have you tried turning all the lights off in the room, along with the TV and and laptop, fluorescent lights can cause interference with hi output pickups.
I did indeed try it. I even tried turning off the power to all the outlets in the room at the breaker and playing with my amp plugged into a battery pack. Unfortunately, it's unclear which switch on the breaker panel would turn off the ceiling fixture.
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It's a brand new battery, but I tried changing it anyway. Made no difference. It's been suggested to me by a friend that it may just be that the wiring in the house is just bad.