I currently have:
  • Marshall AVT 150 Head
  • Marshall AVT 4x12 Cabinet
  • Marshall JCM 900 Head
  • Carvin 2x12 Cabinet

I am considering:
  • Marshall AVT 150 Head [SELL]
  • Marshall AVT 4x12 Cabinet [SELL]
  • Marshall JCM 900 Head
  • Carvin 2x12 Cabinet [SELL]
  • Marshall 1960a 4x12 Cabinet [BUY]

New set up:
  • Marshall JCM 900 Head
  • Marshall 1960a 4x12 Cabinet

Benefits: overall better quality rig
Cons: only one amp, can't jam with two guitarists as easily

What are your guys' thoughts? Should I make the change or keep my rig as is?
If having an extra rig for another guitarist is a priority, then perhaps consider holding on to what you have until they can get something of their own.

If improvement in tone is the goal, go ahead and make the upgrade!
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JCM all the way, you don't need those AVTs. And other guitarists? Well they should have their own gear.

I'm tempted to say to keep that 2x12 though, 2x12s can be really handy sometimes when you're struggling to take the 4x12 to gigs.
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Keep the 2x12 - you won't get much for it anyway. Carvin builds a nice cab, just as sturdy as any Marshall. It just doesn't have the name power that Marshall and certain other manufacturers have. Sell the AVT items and get a used 1960.
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Thanks guys... All solid advice... Very true on the 2x12... I completely forgot that's why I bought it in the first place! I bought the 2x12 when I had a Mustang and a 4x12 was not ideal for lugging in that car.
i would keep the JCM900, ditch the AVT shit, and buy another amp. maybe a combo? i don't know.
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