Can anyone make a recommendation of the Stretch vs. ESO Strap? I play a strat that weighs about 8 lbs. I hurt my shoulder in a car accident a few months ago and have now been very uncomfortable playing. Not looking for a cure but just some relief. I have narrowed it down to the ESO Strap (www.esostrap.com) or the Levy's Stretch Strap (http://www.levysleathers.com/shop/ultra-comfort-strap-mno1-blk/)...

I do not really like the look of the stretch strap, but it also has as good as reviews as the eso strap. I am leaning towards the eso because the shape makes sense and the pick pockets are a nice touch. Would love to hear some reviews here though.
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The ESO Strap is a much newer product than a the stretch strap and in my opinion much better. My friend had a stretch strap and it is tough to play with because it stretches... Think of playing your guitar on a rubber band.. It's weird in my opinion.

I have two eso straps and have been really happy with them. They are comfortable, very well made and yes the pick pockets are a nice touch.... No brainer to me. Hope you find some relief man.
Thanks Man! I really like the look of the ESO Strap and it does seem to make a lot of sense. Is the foam interior really soft like memory foam or hard?
I would say the foam is semi firm in a good way. The first one I got has softened up over time. The quality compared to the stretch strap is no competition. I would definitely go for ESO, but I am biased at this point.