Hey guys! I was experimenting with some different vsts and decided to write a fantasy/rpg themed orchestral piece. This style of music is extremely fun to write (even though I'm not very experienced with it )
What do you think? Any/all feedback is greatly appreciated!

Sounds nice,the chords at 0:16 gave me some ominous vibes.

I also like to do some soundtrack-yish stuff. I'm no expert,but the biggest flaw one usually hears in tracks like these is the incorrect use,or the lack of,reverb. Orchestras are recorded in a big hall and in order to make the sample libraries sound coherent,big and epic one needs to use reverb correctly. Your track has very little to none which makes it basically scream "MIDI". Here's a fantastic series by Mattias Westlund which basically tells you everything there is to know about midi orchestration:http://mattiaswestlund.net/?page_id=29

All technical things aside,the music was great,keep going!

Here's something I've made recently:https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1701840