How many songs do you need to know before you start jamming in studio, not talking about stage performance/gigs.

I want to start a blues band but I am not sure how many songs I should know before I look for other members to jam in studios. Are 2 songs enough ? If so, 1 hr rental for studio and barely 10 min in the studio ?
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Guess it depends how long you think you can make 2 songs last!

The real fun of a blues jam is that you're learning as much as you're playing. If you want to rent a jam space for 2 hours and invite your blues playing buddies, everyone should have a handful of tunes ready and expect to learn some new tunes while jamming.

There are really only a few easy, standard Blues chord progressions out there, so you'll catch on pretty quickly to the patterns when you start using them in different keys.
Id say 4 so there is a variety. Couple skow a mid paced and a good boogie. Challenging tunes are tough but well worththe pay off but you guys can get tight. Very cool IMO
Err by studio do you mean, like a recording studio? Or do you mean a practice studio? Because they're very different things, one you should jam in, one you sure as hell shouldn't (the recording studio).

You want to be a in practice space for 2/3/4 hours minimum at a time, people always arrive late, they have to set gear up etc, say hello and so on.

By songs you should know... you mean covers? More than two I'd say, you should find a group of people and decide to learn something as a group.
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When I first joined my band they had essentially 3 songs that I learned and we played together. The amount of songs you start with does not matter at all. It's just about finding the right people who want to play. If you got that the songs will come naturally.
If you find musicians that want to play with you/you want to play with, ask them what songs they want to play and learn those songs. As people here said, blues is based on a few simple chord progressions so learning new songs shouldn't be too hard.
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I would not be thinking about the "studio" at all for a good while. Blues is kind of unique in the sense that every song is similar in structure, except they are all very flexible in how you can improvise over them.

For just jamming with other players, as soon as you find other people that want to play with you, you're good to go. You just need to find people that are at your level.
I assume you mean getting together to jam with some guys? It totally depends on the experience level of the people you're playing with. Call them up and talk to them - agree on a few songs that you'll all learn so you can play something when you get together.