Hey there UG fellows

I've been looking for 7 string telecaster, so far ESP ltd Te 417 Snow White Satin stole my heart. It is regular 25'5 inch scale guitar with EMG's, has thin U neck and mahogany body. My main guitar is Esp ltd mh 417 which i have for years and it meets my expectations. I have also baritone schecter 7 string, but i do not need really longer scale.

Have any of you tried Esp Ltd Te 417? Is it as thing as Mh series and light or rather heavy and fat like other teles? Is it worth 750$ for new one ?
Try and find one used. Steph Carpenter has his sig in a tele style and those can be found used around $400. Unless you are really wanting the white one. Sometimes its harder to find specific colors on the used market.
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Depends on what you're looking for. If you're just looking for UG to confirm your interest in the 417 (and since you already have a 417), then go with that. It's not really much of a telecaster except in general body shape. Note that while it has 24 frets, the 22nd fret is in the usual telecaster spot, while the extra two frets are really sort of buried in the body. For some reason that body is mahogany (alder is a traditional tele wood), so weight will be variable.

If you're looking for something that really has a traditional telecaster sound, look and feel, you might check out the Agile T-725 Texan (http://www.rondomusic.com/tc725mntbr2.html ) at Rondo Music. It's a more traditional telecaster with single coils, bolt neck, alder body, 22 fret neck, but it also has jumbo frets and a 15" radius. The 22nd fret on this guitar is about in the same position relative to the cutaway as the 22nd fret on the LTD. And it's $399 (plus case plus shipping).

On the other side of the LTD (cost and quality-wise) from the Agile is the Carvin/Kiesel TL70 (http://www.kieselguitars.com/catalog/guitars/tl70 ). It, too, has a 24-fret neck, but the 24th fret is located where the 22nd fret on the LTD or a standard tele is located. In short, it's much more accessible. Unlike either of the other two guitars, the Carvin is neck-through (the LTD is a set neck and they call it a "set-through"). The Agile has a maple fretboard, the LTD a rosewood fretboard and the Carvin has ebony, standard. The Carvin has a 14" radius and medium jumbo frets standard, but you can order it with 20" and jumbo frets if you wish. You can also order stainless frets if you like. The standard wood on the Carvin is alder, but a wide variety of optional woods (and tops and neck woods) are available, as are an extremely wide choice of finishes, pickups, headstock shapes and more. A Carvin will arrive at your doorstep with outstanding fretwork and, usually, in tune (you're receiving it direct from the factory, usually in under a week from completion). Base cost is $999, but options and case (currently 50% off) can push that higher.
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ESP LTD is really impressing me lately...they've got the whole new series of colors for the M series, and the SN series which is delicious. I can't wait to try them in stores.
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It's more or less the same as the MH417 you already have. The body thickness is different, because the MH is a carved top and the Tele is a flat top, but the overall body mass and weight is the roughly the same. (Of course, every single piece of wood is slightly different, so any particular guitar you may pick up might be slightly heavier or lighter than other similar instruments.)
Frankly, having both the Tele and the MH 7-strings is a bit redundant. Fine if you want a backup guitar or want to set up each guitar for different tunings or whatever, but basically they sound and feel the same; aside from the different look of the two body shapes, you're basically going to have two of the same guitar.

As for price, just Google it to see what they usually sell for in your area.
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Well Caarvin and Kiesel are a nope in EU. And i dont really like these. i used to work in guitar store and found ESP LTD best choice among other brands. Price here is 800$ for stock A. I did contact guitar center but they told me to contact dealer , i am waiting. Wish it was just cheaper a bit. I totally felt in love with 7 string telecasters.