I've always wanted to improve my guitar skills but I've never really put the time and effort into it because I have too many other things I want to do. I've tried all those "learn guitar quickly" books, but they never work.

Is there a series of lessons (preferably video) that can give me a solid foundation that I can build upon and eventually introduces advanced skills/concepts? I don't mind if it takes 10 or 20 years, but one day, I want to be able to play like this guy, Gabe Bondoc:

Honestly if you want to get better at guitar right now hire a guitar teacher. They'll help you progress a lot faster than any video/book or whatever. Those learn quickly books etc are typically just there to fill out a book publisher's backline (I used to work for one, so yeah...) They're steady money earners and cost next to nothing because they're just rushed out yet easy to market and exploit.

Gabe isn't playing anything mega by any means but for a learner that fingering will likely be frustrating. I would strongly suggest hiring a guitar tutor, or more specifically one that focuses on acoustic guitar tutoring. I mean, even ask if they can teach fingerstyle or elements of acoustic folk as that's what seems to be Gabe's vibe (along with the blues).

However, here's a guy on YouTube that gets featured on this website a lot, his lessons tend to be well received and he has a full playlist geared towards guitar lessons:

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