I enjoyed the rhythm section and some parts were really good. Overall I did find it a bit much as in there were loads of things happening at once. But again, I did like some parts and can see that you are talented
Alright, first off thanks for your review of my EP, man!

Lemme start off by telling you that I believe your guitar playing is very creative and dynamic, because throughout the whole piece there was a natural progression within the rhythm tracks and the ocassional leads. The drums seem and sound very in place (seriously love that snare, you have no idea) and all elements (of the kit) are well heard. That part where at 1:15-1:19 was a surprise and I found it very impressive! With that and other parts, I must say, you're very talented in my book!

Now to give you my view on the production side, the guitar tracks seem awfully centered, as if you recorded both on mono. By paying closer attention, I noticed that the rhythm guitar is slightly to left, if I'm not mistaken. Another thing is that, I only heard those riffs to the left. I don't know if you did, but if you didn't, double tracking and hard panning your rhythm tracks will give a much wider feeling of a band playing, making your rhythm section sound huge, plus if you ever play around with harmonies it just sounds lovely. The leads really could've used a more distinct tone as to not conflict with the rhythm (also, it's kinda hard to follow up with both technical leads and riffs at the time, but that's strictly my own opinion). The drums sound super, although a sliiiiight decrease around 200-400 Hz in the kick would make it sit better and not overpower the bass in it. You gotta love that bass guitar tho, and I honestly did! For me, being able to mix a bass guitar and get those higher notes to be heard is a pain in the ass and I love that mid freq sound it has to it, every note was heard distinctly.

Anyway, just know I'm not the greatest at production and I honestly have much, much more to learn, so I may be wrong about a few things xD I enjoyed the track my friend, you're awfully creative!