Hey guys!

I've been playing guitar for quite a while but for years I've just played songs that I liked and never really improvised myself. Recently I thought it'd be good to pick up on a couple of scales and I reckoned the minor pentagonic scale would be the best to start with.

Ive a couple of questions about it though because if you want to play solos based on the pentatonic scale, is it best to learn the pentatonic scales from a - g and shapes 1 to 5?
Or is there a better way to learn it?

Scalar playing is very much a secondary interest for me, and I have found the five boxes to be the most useful approach to improv, combined with an understanding of how they relate to the major scale and to keys. I see them as stepping stones to more sophisticated techniques, like switching from minor to major and adding notes to create other kinds of scales.
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Really useful video but as he starts improvising he plays between the different shapes, so I guess it's necessary to know them all by heart right?

Yeah I see what you mean there Tony but the pentatonic scale would be the best first step before looking at the minor and major scales I'd say. But is it necessary to learn them all, so the pentatonic scales from A-G?
You learn all the boxes really well for one, say Am, then learn how to shift them for every other key - so, for example, you shift them two frets down to get Gm. All you have to learn is the number of frets between one key and another - that is what position playing is about.
I'd recommend this book and volume 2 as well to learn from. Knowledge is power.


Essentially, you need to recognise the sound of the scale in relation to a backing chord. Sound is everything. Play shape 1 and try to sing the notes as you fret them. If your sung notes don't match the guitar then you haven't internalised the sound.

Shapes are handy to copy from a diagram, sure, but sound is king.
Hello, I've found scales so confusing so I just wanted to check my understanding.

For instance this is the MAJOR SCALE wwhwwwh so I i started this on note C and followed it through with these intervals, would this become the C Major scale?
I'll just watch all the videos by Guthrie Govan, definitely good to understand it better.
Alright, I'm just trying to play the A minor pentatonic scale really fast and fluent and then later shift between the other ones.