Pretty good! I'm listening to it on my headphones, and the mix sounds pretty clean and professional. In my personal opinion I would give it a bigger/more epic sound, but I think it's very good as it.

I had my guitar plugged in while listening to this, and gave it more than a couple listens because it was pretty fun to jam to it, with some leads or crazy chord voicings , so musically I like it!

Good job!!
Thanks for the feedback! Very nice piece you have here. The mix was excellent. the only thing I'd change is maybe bring the vocals up just a hair, but other than that great work. I was waiting for the song to really blow wide open but I'm sure there will be more to come.
Thanks for the feedback! I really like the vibe of this song, especially around 1:10. I agree with sirsteelstrings about this sounding like something in a game trailer. The only technical thing I would change is to bring up the volume of the strings just a little, other than that I can't really add anything. Great work!
Reminded me heavily of 80s scifi musical scores in the intro, then it built up into a more sinister feel. Definately scifi soundtrack in a great way. only thing I could see else that isnt there would be some heavy guitar rhythm with delay/reverb.

No need to listen to one of my tracks again, thanks for the review in my thread
There I was, sitting on my chair and suddenly I found myself in my childhood, early 90s, watching a sci-fi show - something very close to The X Files. And then after a minute in, I found myself sitting in front of my PC, in the dark, waiting for the loading to end at Alan Wake (the game), listening to the sweet music and deciding I actually don't want it to end.

This is what your song took me through in this brief period of time, haha! It was amazing, I love it, I support it, and I want to hear more of it!

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