So I'm building a very personalised guitar from a diy kit and other parts, and I want to try out a wiring scheme for it but I don't know what switches to use.

The setup would be an HSS with a 4-conductor bridge pickup. I want to use 2 switches, the first being a 3-way that would switch between:

1. Bridge humbucker in parallel
2. Outer coil of humbucker and the neck single in parallel
3. Middle and neck in parallel

and the second "lead boost" switch would be a 2-way that would switch between:

1. Whatever the first switch is set to
2. All 4 coils wired in series regardless of how the first switch is set (the idea is to get a very dark sounding and high output solo boost)

All these would go into a single master volume and to the output. Does anyone have an idea how I could wire this up?