Hi all,

I have two questions

I used the line 6 UX 1 and windows media to record a long live take of cover videos for youtube. But I always have to turn the volume on media player right down because pod farm is pretty quiet? Any ideas how I can make pod farm louder as a standalone in my system mix?

Also, when I do record, I used manycam because It allows you to record with your webcam and gives you channel mixes of your windows system, Do you know any alternatives?

I need to sort this one out.
even on the line 6 audio levels the out put of the guitar reads at about 45% so should I get something to boost the guitars dry signal?
The output of the guitar? The signal from the guitar is in the input, shown by the top left meter. The output shown in the right meter is the output from Pod Farm. If it's too quiet, try turning up the amp volume, and make sure in the mix, everything is at 0.0db.
everything is on maximum, but the meter levels on POD FARM show the audio comming out at about 50% but everything is maxed out. Maybe I am using too much EQ and need to rebost the output, but I thought maybe the actual dry guitar input might be too quiet,

I dont want to turn down windows media player backing track because the whole video will be too quiet then.