(https://soundcloud.com/alicephoebelou/red <-- Studio Version here)

Requesting another Alice Phoebe Lou song! Great thing about her songs is that they always have an acoustic guitar in on them and you can almost always find live performances of her more well known songs.

If someone has the time and skill to crack the tabs for this one, please do. I'd love to get my hands on another set of tabs for one of her songs!
Bumping this up and a few other thread since it has been around two to four months since I've posted them. I hope no one minds.
ok this is the tab for it not been right through the song but i,m sure it just does this, good luck with it.

this is the main picking through out the track


on the change she does this
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Ayreon77 is right as she is basically playing the chords C Em F and G but in different
Voicings rather then the usual starlight open chords.
Thanks a ton! I'll start working on writing the tab down w/ lyrics and submit it (with credit where it is due of course, the two of you =) )
EddLion ... Unfortunately, you placed it as a TAB... It has to go under CHORDS ...
Please submit it under that and I can approve it... Let me look at it again and I think I can change
It from a TAB to CHORDS for you.

I was able to change it to CHORDS...
here it is:

By the way, YOU made the chord tab for the song... So take the credit for it
And you can just mention that I gave you some advice
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yea its better as chords then new players can work the chords out, u did good Edd and thx for the credit and yea you defo get the credit for the chords i only did the tab
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Woops, my bad DON CZARSKI. Only me second chord/tab that I've submitted, so don't crucify me for forgetting some things, heh. Thanks to the both of you again, wouldn't have been able to get the whole thing submitted without you two.