I saw this model recommended and bought one a few month ago. Left it unplugged for a month while doing other things and when I plugged it in, it wouldn't work. Has anyone else had similar problems? Their support guy said change the fuse. Very clever as this particular fuse is nowhere to be found at electrical shops. The fuse doesn't look burnt or broken though. Worse, they don't deliver one fuse to Thailand so no way am I buying 50 fuses or whatever (was informed blowing fuses isn't a common issue).

As it is months old, my wife threw away the receipt so I am stuck as their website says this voids the warranty. Anyone guess what could be the issue and how to fix it? Three weeks and having to go back to individual power sources.
check the fuse for continuity with a meter. most of the time fuses are visibly blown, but i have had a few trick me. best to be sure.
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There isn't an official T-Rex dealer in Thailand unfortunately and while in the warranty period of two years, having no receipt now is a problem. I am in touch with the company in Denmark and requested assistance but these guys take several days to reply to correspondence (perhaps they get a lot of requests for fuses!). The first time I asked if this was a common problem they said no, but that fuses do blow now and then. As it was unplugged for a month, I don't get this argument and I won't recommend this power bank to anyone who isn't living in or next to Denmark as they can't do much at this distance.

If anyone has had this same issue of it not working after not being used for a month, let me know what was the reason.
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