First of all. Hi everyone. A little about myself. I am in my mid thirties. I've been playing guitar for roughly 22 years, but I don't sound like it. I'm a basement hacker.

I have been playing acoustic more lately, but I am getting the urge to play electric again.

My first guitar I ever owned was a Peavey Predator USA model that my dad purchased brand new for me in '92.

I learned the ropes on that guitar and when I got older I regrettably sold it. (IMO, you should never sell your first guitar...just for nostalgia alone....even if it is amazing or junk).

I've had everything from junk electrics to top of the line signature models (Ibanez JS1000 & ESP JH3 #28 of 100)

I've been gassing to get a fender style guitar with a nice bluesy sound but also be well rounded.

Here is the deal. I really don't care if a guitar is built in Mexico, Japan, USA, Korea or China...All I care about it that it plays and sounds like a dream. If it does blindfolded, I could care less where a guitar is built.

So...if you could get a brand new Fender Deluxe Roadhouse (MIM) for 420 out the door, or an excellent condition Peavey Predator (USA) for 200.

Would you get the Predator and spruce it up with the extra 220, or just go for the Deluxe Roadhouse which already has Texas Specials in it and 22 frets?