Hi everyone, I hope you are OK.

I sustained a bit of damage up top in April 2014, but before that, I am sure I was receiving emails from someone-and these were very helpful emails.

They was in depth, yet easy to understand. It explained things, along with diagrams, such as where the next octave is for your current note on the fretboard, what a fifth is,plus a lot more, and I was finding it beneficial.

I do have a tutor at the moment, but from what I remember this was also very useful, the only thing is due to what happened, my memory is now awful for anything prior to April 2014, and I genuinely can not remember who this was.

I gather they are fairly well known-I remember it was a man who was sending the emails, but I can't remember a name.

I would like to find out, and start receiving the emails again, and I can use those alongside my payed for lessons, so if anyone has any idea who this could be, and how to sign up again, that would be a huge help to me.

Thank you all for your help, Conan.
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Quote by jerrykramskoy
Conan, I have a suspicion this may have been me, but my email trail doesn't go back far enough. Send me a private message on UG, and I'll give you a hand.

Whatever happened to you sounds very nasty.

Hi there-Jerry does ring a bell, I can not be sure it was you, but I don't know any Jerry's over here in the UK-I will PM you now.

My email does not go far back enough either, hence me not being sure who I was receiving these lessons from.

Thank you for this, Conan.
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Was it Kristofer Dahl ?

They used to be subscription based but he's released them for free.

Hi there, I have looked and it does not seem to be Kristofer Dahl, I am pretty sure they were mostly text based, with images.

I know this was an easy way for me to learn though, I think I find reading something, and then putting it into use a bit easier for me. I think the words sink in more.

Thank you though, and I will keep that bookmarked as a resource for me to use.