Hello! I'm new here. I wanna learn songwriting. I've seen a lot of lyrics of songs, and it seems that some doesnt really ryhme with the next line, or the rhyming is irregular. So i wanna ask, is it necessary to rhyme?? And have a rule?? Like a poem. Or is it free? No matter how many words in a line .....?
Hi, welcome to Songwriting. I'd suggest posting this in the main forum - maybe one of the Mods could move this for you.

In answer to your question, rhyme is an option - it isn't essential. When used well it can be fantastic and really add to a piece, it can show the skill of the songwriter without losing the message of the song. At the same time, when used badly it can be clichéd (for example, bad/sad, love/enough, me/be, you/do) and the problem with that is it tends to take away the importance or emphasis of what you're saying .

With songwriting there are no rules- you're the creator and can do whatever you want, there are however conventions, or structures that many people follow - but they are not exclusive - you are the artist.

The best thing to do is write, write and write some more. If you're up for it, post what you've written in the forum, there will always be people who will read it and get back to you on it, providing constructive criticism (and that is often the hardest part of writing, learning how to take constructive criticism!) and you will develop and grow as a writer.

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Thanks man. Ok i dono how to move to the main page haha but i posted it again on the songwriting forums. Thx again
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Thanks man. Ok i dono how to move to the main page haha but i posted it again on the songwriting forums. Thx again

There should still be a few threads in the first page of the main area regarding songwriting. As with most forums I've been to, moderators and other staff are the only ones allowed to move threads.

Anyway, as the Herr already mentioned, there's really no set formula for songs. Best thing to do is just write. You're going to write some shitty stuff, so don't go in with the mindset you're about to crank out the next big hit. Get what's in your head written down and keep at it. Put something out and see what critiques flow.
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