I have a new Epiphone SG g400 pro.
I am trying to adjust the action but I have noticed that the bridge is uneven. The bass side is much higher than the treble side. Right now the action is set at 2mm on both the low and high E strings at the 12th fret, but the distance between the bottom of the thurmwheel and the base of the bass side pole is 3.5mm while on the treble side pole its 2mm. If I try to lower the action on the treble side as most internet sources suggest, the difference in height will be even greater.
Is that a problem? Should the bridge be level or at least more level than it is now?
Btw, the neck has very little relief.

I noticed that there is fret buzz on the low E at the 8th fret and after looking down at the neck i can see that the 9th fret is a bit higher. It looks like its not perfectly seated.
I watched some videos of people applying glue and then clamping a fret that had popped out but i dont think I can do that since mine hasnt popped out. Its a hair higher than it should be in its fret slot.
Should I get a soft hammer and gently hit it or is fret leveling with a file my only option?
if the frets aren't level then need to be filed. if the bass side is higher then the treble side you can fix that by lowering your bridge and then reintonating the guitar
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