Hello friends. I'm totally new here and I'm basically new to guitar as well. I bought myself an Epiphone Les Paul 100 and an Orange Crush 20W Amp with clean and dirty tones, as well as some built in minor reverb and that's all my setup is for now. I've been playing on my own for only about 2 weeks now and I'm liking the sounds I'm able to make, but eventually once i gain a decent amount of skill I know I'm going to want a sick tone that makes my playing seem more serious and epic. My favorite guitar parts in songs are usually ones that sound bluesy and I love passionate wailing/emotive guitar. (Pink Floyd, Circa Survive, The Mars Volta) Some of that stuff. Anyone have some effects pedals that they love/recommend? Any tips or practices/exercises to work on to get towards an awesome emotional guitar sound? Thanks in advance
Most tonal characteristics come from your hands. The discrete hand movements, vibrato, bends, the way you fret the strings, your attack, the way you pick,etc. They all play into the overall tonality and sound you end up producing.

There's a fair number of common pedals you can pick up - but the most important part of playing is consistency in practice and self motivation. Work on yourself to better yourself. When I played with an airball team, it was a common mantra that the marker is only as good as the player behind it. You can't buy true tone.
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