My name is Chris Harrison. I'm 15 and am a baritone who has been trying to extend his range downwards (current range is F2-C5). I heard of subharmonics; when one of your vocal chords is vibrating at a certain frequency and the other is vibrating at half of the first, creating two octaves of the same note. I've been rather successful with this, and hit an A1. This evening, after I got home, I decided to see how low I could go in my chest voice. I got down E2 this time, so a small increase in range but not much. However when I decided to fry, my voice dropped into the bass octave, and produced something I wouldn't call fry. It's like subharmonics, except there's no top octave (as far as I can tell.). With this whatever it is, I can hit a D1-C2. I mean it doesn't sound as if a basso profundo was singing it or anything, but its definitely a better sound than fry and rather controllable too. Does anyone know what it is? Subharmonics? Some type of fry maybe?