Hey dude,thanks for reviewing my piece!

The One has really nice main melody and I really dig the natural harmonics on the guitar+the synth at the end was great.

The bass in When you're with me 2 is really groovyyh and the lead guitar gives the song some ambience.

Both sound good mixwise,but I'd personally lower the volume of the cymbals (every crash was distracting to me) and add some reverb to the vocals.

All in all,nice job!
I like the vocals especially in 'The One', a little bit like Layne Staley's in performance and feel. Really love the weird synthy sound part at around, super haunting and gives a sense of displacement. I love the synthy bit that comes in around 3:10ish too, very unusual and 80's.
The one: Dig the 80s vibe here! Great sounds, but maybe a lil more dynamics on the chord synth? The vocals are really original, but i feel like they dont sit in the mix properly, and sometime it sounds like they peak. Maybe some compression would help?
GuitarManiac110, GirlGerms, Usernames sucks, and AceLockelll,
Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it! On "The One", I didn't have any reverb or delay on the vocals, which is highly unusual for me. I usually have a significant amount of delay, and no reverb on the vocals. There is compression on the vocals, but perhaps not enough. I don't believe the vocals are clipping, though they may get loud at times for some people. I mix on headphones, and they de-emphasize mid-range frequencies a bit.
Thank you very much for your comments on my material. I checked your songs out. These are definitely 80s material. Their essence is really good. The atmosphere, the pads and the composition.

But the mix was really hard to listen to on a HQ HiFi system. I'd give that a check, if it was my material. It might sound just the way you like but it wears out the ears of the listener. Especially that no-velocity-changing MIDI bass line of 2nd song.

Cheers and good luck!
Hey, Aaron! took me forever to notice your review but I finally got around to be able to listen to your tunes.

Your production shows some subtle improvements which is always a great thing to notice!

I'm not the biggest fan of the vocal work in The One (since I don't listen to this genre of music that much), but it fits very well with the feel of the whole song and kinda meshes with the synth, giving off a nice ambience (which I'm sure was one of your goals).

The bassline and drum grooves in When You're With Me are very captivating! Despite its reptition, it didn't bore me one bit (plus the synth coming up later to beef up the song was a very nice touch!)

Overall, you do a great job at NOT disappointing me! keep up the good work!

PS: If I were to critique anything specifically, it's that the drum sounds could use some livening. Sometimes, they feel rather lost in the mix. Take care!
The mix is great! I like how the songs flow and it makes them feel free. The One is great. At about 1:45 I am reminded of the scene in The Big Lebowski when he goes to meet Jacky Treehorn. Not sure what that has to do with your song, but that's a great movie and your song reminded me of it. So thanks! If there was anything to change I would say the bass tone in When You're With Me 2, it just doesn't work for me!
Thank you for the listen! it was great!