Hi all,

a local storeholder is selling all his stuff due to having some construction done in expanding his store and as I have been wanting a good Telecaster for a while, I thought I'd hop in.

Found this thing on the wall, blew away the Deluxe Tele and CIJ Tele he had as well. Needless to say, at the bargain price he could offer me, I took it home with me.

It's a 2004 Custom Shop NOS '52 Tele in Seafoam Green. Not too sure on specs since it didn't have a spec sheet, but from what I've found on Google, it has an alder body and a U-shaped maple neck (with the obvious maple fingerboard). CS broadcaster pickups, brass saddles, vintage style tuners and a nitro finish. It's supposed to be number 53 of 150 made with these specs.

It probably comes in high for my list of best guitars. The neck is huge, but really smooth. The set-up was stellar and it has that definite Tele sound. And it has sustain for days. More than my SG has and more than both my Les Paul Classic and Traditional did. No idea on weight, but it feels like the right weight. Not too light (I don't like really light guitars), but I'm certainly not going to break my back in rehearsals. The balance is great, way better than my SG or any of my superstrats.

A nice extra to me are the knobs. They have a nice texture and make it easy to change mid-playing.

Down-sides for now:

I will have to adjust to the selector switch. It's a little too close to the volume knob to just whack it in place. I had to restring it to have the gauge I wanted and those tuners are a b-. Probably will get the hang of them, but I'm happy I don't have to restring guitars every other week.

And the bridge pickup might have a little too much output to my taste. It's pretty high up, can I lower it by adjusting those screws? I tried, but one of them started coming straight out without lowering the pickup too much. :")

Some more pictures to top it off.

Nice score man! That's a super pretty tele and the seafoam green looks great
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That's not what I expected from a thread titled "My first Fender."

Gorgeous guitar, HNGD
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That's not what I expected from a thread titled "My first Fender."

Gorgeous guitar, HNGD


was expecting Mexican or Asian crap.

Love that seafoam green.
Wow. That's a beauty! I'm a sucker for seafoam green/sage green Fenders! What a rad score!

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Very nice!
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Nice score.

I'm gay for butterscotch though.
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Yeah man that's real pretty lookin'!
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Wooooah. I want.
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Quote by K33nbl4d3
That's not what I expected from a thread titled "My first Fender."

Gorgeous guitar, HNGD

Haha, yeah. Always been more into Gibsons for the classic stuff and superstrats for the heavy genres. It's a really nice change-up for sure. ^^

@Toodeepblue: Yeah, butterscotch is awesome. I can already start saving up for my second one.

@Zhaezzy: Yes, I figured as much, but when I loosened the one on the treble-side, it just started coming out. Not sure if that is supposed to happen. I'll look into it later. :-)

@Ippon: Yessir, came with the ashtray. I love the look of it, but it's far from practical in my opinion. Maybe my hands are too big for it, but I can't palm mute at all without playing at the neck if it's on. As far as the wood goes, I found a video from a reseller of one of the same batch and it listed alder as body wood. I don't care either way. It sounds good and it's a solid finish.

Cheers guys!