I use Ibanez RG420FBZ, and the very important problem is the D note, include D3 - D4 - D5 note. I don't fking know how, but example, when i play 1 E strings, fret 10, D5 note, it is very very short sustain. Fret 9 and 11 is ok, nothing wrong. I think the fret 10 would be wrong or something, but when i play fret 8 and 9, and then i BEND to the D note, the sustain is the same, very short, it seems cut out. And the same with fret 15 2nd B string, and the others D note by another way to play.
Anybody knows how? I really don't fucking understand.
Thank you so much.
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get a guitar tech to check frets are level and do a proper setup

thanks for replying.
I've checked, if the frets is wrong, why i bend ( 1/2,1,1-1/2 ) to get the D note, the same thing happened?
Maybe the strings? I use the new Ernie ball slinky.
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if the frets are not all level, you play a note, a fret slightly higher than the rest one or two frets towards the bridge can cut the note short and make it buzz a little.
if you bend a string, you are pushing the string up or down on that fret. A fret slightly higher than the rest one or two frets towards the bridge may be low enough to not cut the note short, but when you push the string up or down to bend it, the string is then over a higher part of the fret not normally under the string, which cuts the note short.

Like i said, get a guitar tech to check it out.
if you get them to level your frets and do a full setup, the problem should go away.

I know what you mean, but i'm surely that there is NO BUZZ. NO BUZZ. I'M VERY SURE. I
ve tried by lapsteel, and the same thing, cutted out. How can be buzz when i use lapsteel?
New update:
My first string E ( 009 ) after 2 days, it's been tuned down, so i tune it back. And D note on this strings is OK, not be cutted out anymore. But the others D note still.
And the 4th string, D3, it's been cutted out too. i put no frets. i don't know wtf is going on @@.
Anyway, thanks for replying.
Do you got any idea?