Minimalist lyrics based around how hard it is to message a girl (or guy) you care about because we all know texting never gets the point across... and sometimes it drives you crazy. If you've got an idea for what I can title it throw it in the comments below and if you want a lyrical critique lemme know!


How do you say, not show
True feelings between two phones?
Out of context, place, and time
The heart of words never align.

All you can do, is play it safe.
All you can do , is hope it relates.
Pretend that you're ok, and wait

I wonder what she'll say...
In the spirit of cell phone use, and the fact you like minimalism, I'd suggest "Roaming."
It implies being away/far from home, and that there's a "higher price to pay" because of it. Haha that's kind of a stretch, I know, but I think it works

Also, I have a couple songs posted here: "Weeds and What's Beneath" and "Hungry Fire," if you'd like to check them out.
Roaming works. I had Emojicion. I prefer Roaming.

It's a nice idea this song - I like the fact that you've kept it short and sweet.
'....even the President of the United States sometimes must have to stand naked...."

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Hahah Emojicion is legit. I might just use an emoji for the song image on my page. Thanks man, I was wondering if I should have made it longer, but it just felt natural to keep it at its short length.
I do indeed feel honored!
Also, thanks for the pronoun advice on "Weeds..." Very helpful!
And keeping it short gives it a clipped/text-message-y vibe. In a good way.
Just listened to the file and it sounds incredible. I love the lyrics anyway, but the nice melodic solo near the end fits the mood of the song perfectly. Job very well done!
Haha thanks very much! Love this place. Definitely shoot "Weeds..." my way when you get a rough recording of it done. I'm down to give it a listen in context! Haven't used this to add people but I"ll see if I can friend you