About a month ago, I got a Fender SVD-20CE which has one tube for the gain channel, but none for the clean channel.
When I turn it on, it takes about 15 minutes or more before the gain channel sounds properly. In this case, I have to leave it in the gain channel for that entire time. If I am playing in the clean channel and then switch to gain, it's the same as if I had just turned it on cold.
After it finally does warm up, it is fine for the whole time using it until turning it off.
Should I get the tube changed or is there possibly another problem?
Also, what should I consider as a reasonable amount of time for warm up?
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Warmup should be less than a minute. Try a fresh 12AX7 and see what you get. A nice sounding amp from JP. (make sure you are running it on the right voltage)
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