ive been playing guitar self taught for 7 years now but i cant solo/improv for shit. i was just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some good videos and webpages to help me out. i want to eventually be some what close to mark tremonti style with abit of zakk wylde, angus young and slash thrown in for good measure. Cheers in advance
Bro, just go on Youtube and type tutorials for this. There is TONS of info on Youtube. In fact, I would say anytime I get stuck or have producer related issue, Youtube usually has a video or two about it. It's awesome. Hope you find what you're looking for. Cheers!
If you want to solo like Zakk Wylde for instance, I think you need two things: you need to listen and emulate how he plays and phrases his solos, and you might want to try to understand what scales (...and what key is the particular song in) he uses so that you get the bigger picture of what he is playing. That way you can play like him in another context also (for instance in your own song).

There is something: