At around 3:32 to 3:38 Joe is supposedly doing a descending legato lick that somehow has a cool "kill switch"-like effect to it . In the live video his hands don't seem to be doing anything other his usual "fluttering" routine. Did he get the "killswitch" effect from a pedal/secret button or is it a variation of his legato technique?

Any help is appreciated thanks.
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Haha I have this dvd. I can tell you that in the backstage interview Joe talks about this. His guitar tech Mike Manning couldn't figure it out either.

It was a technical glitch that never happened again. They never figured out what it was...
Lol so basically I've wasted 2 hours of my life trying to figure out a glitch. I was at my wits end watching and listening to slow-mos trying to recreate the lick to no avail. Though on the flipside the task turned out to be way simpler than it should.
I mean you could add in a staccato pedal, so long as it had kind of an uneven staccato because that thing wasn't at set intervals. Interesting, but definitely not a focused thing That said, you could do it if you have a pickup selector that is controlled via footswitch and have one of the pickups volume completely off, that way you can tap the pedal to flip between the pickups creating a unique staccato.
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