I recently purchased some Kluson vintage-style Locking tuners to replace the Wilkinson tuners that came in stock with my guitar.

Everything seemed fine and I fit them without much trouble (I had to remove the old bushings to put new ones in, but that isn't too bad), I then however realised the hole for the string to enter on the new tuners was in line with the bushing, meaning I could not access it.

The pole on the tuners are the exact same size, but the placement of the hole for the string is much lower on the locking tuners. I put the tuner in without bushing to test, and the hole is pretty much at the same level as the bushing (but the string would be flat against the headstock, as well as having no bushing. that is not an option).

Comparison to the Wilkinson:

On the guitar:

Does anyone know how to deal with this situation?
The model of Kluson tuners is SD90SLN DR/L. My guitar is the Epiphone Wilshire Phant-o-Matic (same headstock as a Les Paul). I'm handing the guitar over to a friend who knows a bit more than me on this tomorrow, and failing that, I really don't want to have to go into a repair shop.
Just for anyone who looks this up at any point, it turned out there were two solutions:

1. Get locking tuners with an adjustable pole, rearrange headstock completely because vintage-style ones don't seem to exist currently.

2. Carve the hole so that the first ring of bushing is flush with where the second one normally sits. (If this does not make sense, I mean make it so that the bushing is lower down).

I went for option 2 when asked which I would prefer, and I am picking up my guitar from the tech in the morning. I can post pictures of the fix if anyone is interested.