If there's a master thread somewhere on this, if someone'd like to send it my way that'd be awesome.

I'm new to power supplies and I'm wanting to not only expand my board but ditch my One Spot. So I come to UG for recommendations. I'm leaning towards something from VooDoo labs because when I was a regular I saw that name thrown around a lot. But I'm also partial to the MXR DC Brick. Working at a local music store I can get both of those for cost+change.

My question is that I'm running a lot of pedals and I'm not exactly sure what I would need. Currently my board is MXR Custom Compressor>Korg Pitchblack>Crybaby 535Q>EH LPB-40>Marshall Guv'Nor>Fulltone OCD>SD Pickup Booster>Boss Tremolo(soon to be replaced by the Dano Cool Cat tremolo once I rehouse it)>Boss DD-7 and then I'm going to be adding a TC Electronics Hall of Fame Reverb and (If I can snag one) a Boss PS-3 Pitch Shifter(or PS-5. Maybe).

So that makes for like, 11 pedals. The Crybaby has it's own power adaptor which I can use, so that could very well make 10 if I need to but I'm very much open to suggestions on how to get this monstrosity of a board running.

Thanks a bunch, guys!
You can plug a daisy chain into the power supply and run 2 pedals off one cable providing the current draw isn't too high. This will vary per pedal and power supply.
..I was watching my death.
Find a multiple output power supply with isolated outputs in order to reduce the possibility of ground loops (hum). Make sure the polarity of the supply outputs match what your pedals need. Make sure each supply output can supply the current that each pedal needs, and that the total power draw of the pedals doesn't exceed what the supply can provide. The Pedal Power 2+ is a popular one to check out (I've used one for years).