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17 30%
12 21%
24 42%
4 7%
Voters: 57.
Yes, please, as long as it's fried properly.
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Breast is best. Mainly because there are no bones, and chicken bones are fucking useless for anything but making stock.
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Thighs because they can still be juicy without giving you salmonella.
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Breast or Thigh
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that's the part that they make the chicken tenders with

that or wings or marrow
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you could answer any of the above besides breast, but you'd be wrong
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drumstick is the best tasting, usually the crunchiest, and it's the easiest to eat
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any piece of chicken is best chicken.

referring to the edible pieces of chicken though.

anything of the not edible is not chicken.

for ex. organs, bones, ligaments, etc.

Liver and heart is great tho
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the thigh easily

i can fry up the juciest chicken breast (i suck ass at grilling though lol) or make popeye style drumsticks no problem but nothing will ever top a buncha thighs browned with sugar and stewed for hours caribbean style over a bed of fried rice w/ vegs & avocado real talk cause i respect you ok?
Thighs all day long. they are easy to cook, flavorful and multi-purpose. Breast meat is too bland and 9/10 times they are dry af. Drums are good but that shit is for kids. Wings are good when you feel like eating a dozen drenched in sauce with a cold beer but that's about it, you can only do so much with them.
Breasts are good but drumsticks are SO tasty
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No preference BUT drumsticks are easier to eat and you got some amount of chicken meat
Quote by Will Lane
any piece of chicken is best chicken.

referring to the edible pieces of chicken though.

anything of the not edible is not chicken.

for ex. organs, bones, ligaments, etc.

Liver and heart are amazingly delicious. seriously grilled chicken liver are amazing
Breast, don't even bother with any of the other shit. Fried, boiled and mixed in with chicken dumplings, or alfredo pasta, it's great, hand trim fat off that shit myself. I'm told I make awesome chicken strips, and I don't disagree.
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My great-grandfather LOVED chicken livers. He would a dozen at a time. Not for me though.

i like breast the most. followed by wing. once i ate 50 wings in one sitting.
The legs are the easiest to eat.

But if we're talking bone free then any part is fine.
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breast anyone who says otherwise is just being contrarian for the sake of it

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People who say breast are as bland and dry as their favoured meat.
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Hm, hard to say. I used to like drumsticks the most, then I really liked wings more than anything, but now I think I'll go with the thigh, though I still love wings and legs. I've never understood why so many people prefer the breast, other than it being the piece with the most meat on it. They're just not as flavorful and usually pretty dry. I won't say no to a chicken breast, and they are better for things like chicken strips or dishes where you need shredded chicken or stuff like stir fry, but as far as whole fried/grilled pieces go they're at the bottom of the list for me.
dark meat is best.

I like thighs with chicken better even though drumsticks are nicer looking. thighs are better cut for getting sauce in, and I like the way the fat gets into the flesh there.

with bigger poultry I like drumstick better though, eg goose, turkey.

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