... and the day winds down
Ain't felt this way for some time
Swallowed by the night
The silence so loud

Cant shake this feeling
Pull old vinyl from the sleeve
That familiar musk
Bring back dead memories

I listen & reflect
Lost in remembrance
I miss the comfort of sadness
There's something lost
When you find your confidence
Starting with '....and' isn't for me, although it has an immediate effect. The oxymoron of loud silence is fine - it works well with the previous line.

The second stanza is superb - by showing these elements you're letting the reader/listener understand the mental state of the author - and it's relatable - we've all had memories brought back to us by a smell, the nostalgia of it, coupled with melancholy for times passed.

'I miss the comfort of sadness' is a bit too similar to 'I miss the comfort in being sad' (Frances Farmer, Nirvana) - but that could be coincidence. The last couplet is great - I like the ambiguity of it - but the power of it is lost by using 'lost' twice in the same verse.

There's a great idea behind this and I think it's much better than your previous piece - a little refinement and I think it'll be great.
'....even the President of the United States sometimes must have to stand naked...."

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I knew the Nirvana similarity was there, but I think I'll keep it anyway.

But, good point about lost being used twice... I'll change it to

"Awash in remembrance"

I think that works a little better.

Funny you say this is better than my first piece, as I wrote this one first, but the purpose of each one is different. Still toying with Acid Tongue, but even though that one is very predictable and such, I feel like messing with it has been over complicating the song. Acid Tongue is supposed to be very heavy handed... not really about finesse
Also: "silence so loud" (For Whom the Bell Tolls, Metallica), and "dead memories" (Dead Memories, Slipknot)

I only bring these up because these are lines I love from bands I listen to a lot...I guess most other people wouldn't really notice.

Anyway, I love the idea of fear being a source of strength or inspiration:

"There's something lost
When you find your confidence"

Like shedding an emotion that is generally seen as negative can have negative effects all its own. Great stuff.
Good to hear the positive feedback, thank you.

Weird that I didn't catch the "silence so loud" from Metallica as I'm a huge fan of theirs... must've just come from the subconscious?

I'm aware of Slipknot's Dead Memories as well, but they're not exactly one of my main influences, and have only heard that song maybe 10 times in my life.