once every 6 months for regular cleaning, haven't gotten a cavity (ever)

and I haven't seen an orthodontist in years (since my TMJ treatment)

Also, i haven't seen a general practitioner/doctor for a physical evaluation in like 2 years
lol i feel fine i guess... i haven't broken any bones in my life (and i jump down staircases on my skateboard lol), and i hardly get a cold or cough that lasts more than a week or 2
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Last time I went to see my GP was to sort out repeat scripts.

On the other hand, I see specialists far more, because I don't have fucking pleb illnesses.
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Every 6 months for dentist

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I used to go to the dentist every 6 months but havent in over a year now. Possibly longer.

My teeth all seem fine so I see no need to go
I have nothing important to say
I got to the dentist every 4 months cause I have an appliance behind my lower front teeth so it needs to be monitored from time to time.

I got to the doctors every year unless I feel really ill, in which case I'll go more often.
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