How do you survive in a new city with limited to no amount of money?

I want to go check out the music scene in Toronto and see what ive been missing. It's a 4 hour drive but people always do rideshares to the city for 30 dollars. The game plan would be to show up at an open mic night and rock out until closing. Which is usally 3 am for most bars. The problem is I would have to hang around somewhere until I can get a rideshare back. So it's 3 am in Toronto and I don't know anybody. What do I do for the next 16 hours? Go sit on a bench? Any tips?
Usually I make sure I'm adequately prepared before travelling to a new place.
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i'd get a small part time job at a coffee shop or a chill restaurant (or even try to establish a career and connections like a year beforehand so you can get an actual job haha)

then i'd go backpacking/hiking/camping every day and just live in a tent/car near a lake in a forest. Canada has lot of those lol, even in places like Toronto there's Scarborough just an hour away
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i'd get a small part time job at a coffee shop or a chill restaurant

That's an ambitious challenge. Line up a job interview, attend it, get hired, and establish a career in a span of 16 hours. I believe in you, OP, you got this.
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You'll be making money in no time..
you should check out how much a grey hound ticket is and you might be able to just leave not long after.

assuming your from Ontario as well. it's easy to get grey hound tickets.
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