Hi peeps, I never had experience with an octave effect, but I'm really curious to try one on the stage, along with a looper - what I'm after is an effect that will sound like a natural bass guitar, while I play my lowest notes on an electric guitar, and I don't wanna original sound to be heard, just the "octaved" sound, so that it comes as I'm playing a regular bass guitar. All octaver pedals I've seen demos of on Youtube have both the original, and the octaved sound heard simultaneously. Hope I'm making myself clear here (perhaps octave effect is not at all what I'm after?!).
Variax guitar from Line 6 <G>.

Worth noting that you can also do things like set the bottom two strings to play bass notes and leave the upper four to play in standard.
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A Digitech Whammy could do what you want. Or an EHX POG/HOG. Or a pitch fork by EHX as well. It'll never sound like an actual bass though. If you're looping, you might just want to get a bass and loop it in there.
I used the whammy on Sober. You can look me up on Sound Cloud: Thomas P. Koziara. I dropped down an octave or two at 3:43 and 7:43.
Any decent intelligent pitch shifter will do this. I can easily get a Bass Guitar on my HD500 with this effect.
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