Ok this seems like it would be so basic but I've googled this and just can't find what I'm looking for.

I've always played an epi les paul or a mexi strat and for the most part just use the volume knob on the guitar to control my on the fly tones, something usually like 3 if I'm playing something like Bobby McGee/Can't you See, then rock songs and such around 6 or 7 and then 10 for leads. I play 60 songs at a gig with a HSS mexi-strat, just the humbucker, my amp, and the volume knob. Maybe a little wah and whammy pedal and that's it. I've never been a pedal person or one to muck around with a lot of gear so I rely heavy on that volume knob for my sound.

So anyways I have a couple other guitars that just seem to have no play in the volume at all, the sound pretty much goes from 0 to 10 as soon as the knob is turned enough for sound to come through the amp. There is some difference in tone, but volume wise it is pretty much as loud on 1 as it is on 10, resulting in me not having the same flexibility as I do on my strat or les paul. I can't even do a volume swell.

So is this a volume knob or wiring thing? My other guitars are an Ibanez premium RG920qm and a Strat showmaster (the one with the skulls). Both HH config. I had the same issue with the stock ibanez pickups as well as the SD's I replaced them with.

At the end of the day I want the same tone control I get with my volume knob on my mexi strat on my ibanez otherwise the guitar seems fairly useless to me, which is a shame because I think she is gorgeous.

Any thoughts on what the heck the problem is? I'm about to yank the electronics out of my mexi-strat and put them in my ibanez. Thanks in advance for any help!
It's probably just the pot taper. There's a code on the back of the pot that tells you what the taper is. The taper varies a bit by manufacturer but it will mostly come down to whether you prefer a linear or audio taper.

Stock taper on the Epi and Strat should be audio. Not sure on the others, I think Ibanez uses linear. Sometimes the cheap ones just suck even if the taper is supposedly correct. Try some decent Alpha pots, they're just a few bucks each so you can afford to test each taper.