Anyone know of a distortion pedal that compliments the Full Drive well? Right now I have it alongside the OCD, which has more distortion and saturation, but also has a completely different character than the Full Drive.

I'm using FD2 for a mid-level overdrive, and I also want a pedal for higher distortion, but not wanting the tone to suddenly completely change its character. The FD2's boost switch doesn't quite give enough. I could add a boost pedal in front of the FD2, but to get the increased saturation that I want, the volume would also increase significantly, so that doesn't work.

Basically a high saturation distortion pedal that is similar in tone to the FD2.
maybe a timmy? my fd-2 likes it.

an oddball here, look into a malekko fetish. just check it out. its unique. and you can get them cheap.
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I like running a big muff after the fd2. Its very saturated. But not so good for chunky rythem playing
I traded my FD2 away cause it didn't get along with other pedals so well, to my ears. But I use a Suhr Riot now and it can sound somewhat similar to the FD2 on the Mosfet setting. With the gain down a bit and the tone at around 2 o'clock on the Riot it'll have that crispy jagged tone but the Riot has gobs of gain on tap and sounds much tighter. I'd definitely recommend it.
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