Alrighty guys, so I talked about this in another thread, but the Knob on my tuning machine broke off, and I'm unsure how to fix it. Idk if they sell replacement knobs, or if I'd have to replace the whole machine (which is actually 3 tuners on a single plate). Here are some pics
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I've been thinking about it, and I feel like any replacement is going to look different from the rest, so why not go all out and make it totally different? I was thinking about drilling a hole in a Monopoly Die and jamming it on there, but I don't know how I'd make sure it stays on (glue? I feel like it wouldn't work with the metal, and then all the twisting force would just break the bond) so if you have any thoughts about that I'd appreciate it too
Last Pic, the full guitar, just because I gush about it so much and I want to show it off
drill a hole in the dice and cut a thin slot in the end of the tuner post,
If you can get hold of iron filings then mix them in with epoxy and use that to bond it on,
If you can be bothered heat up the tip of something like an unfolded thick paper clip and melt 4 groves at quater intervals down the hole in the dice. That way you have even more bonding surface area. And the slot and grooves also mean if for any reason the surface bond breaks the shape of the epoxy will still allow you to turn the tuner.