The morning womb
Starch office clothes
That are wearing you

The bus stop serves as a reminder
This journey will take 40 years
This is your station

You have become familiar
With all the contexts of the word "stationary"
The men of the boardroom are calling
Smile and say good morning;
They're the ones feeding you

You are running the risk
Of your closest friends being mere colleagues;
Tell them nothing.
They know nothing of your poor health,
lack of sleep and dead sex life

I am agent of loose change
A change of mind
A change of socks
A change of paygrade
A change of paper
A change into a complete stranger


Nicely done. At first, the last section seemed out of place, but it helps solidify a strong piece. Line by line, a person's age is shown.
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The stationary line is wonderful, it says so much.
I feel the piece started strong but lost focus after the third stanza - it goes from the monotony of working life to an almost whingey tone. I like the idea of the last verse, but it doesn't quite come off for me, I think you can almost ignore the last line (or maybe have a couple more changes) that show the person has become unrecognizable to themselves.
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Glad you liked it man, cheers!

@Herr Rararr

Thanks for taking the time to comment some feedback. I like the third stanza because it felt real to me, but maybe I'll edit the "mere"? I can see how that may add to a whingy tone. As for the ending, it's actually the chorus but I felt it tied up the piece as a stand-alone stanza. As for the "complete stranger" line, my intent was to name the trivial changes and choices you face as an adult that culminates into you being unrecognisable. Maybe it didn't work. All the same, I appreciate your words. When I get a minute I'll look over some of your stuff