hey ya'll, new guy here. Been playing for about 17 years. I grew tired of heavy amps to and from gigs. I mostly play small bars and have no need to mic amps unless it's an outdoor venue. I currently play through an OR15 and a 1x12 cab with a G12H30 anniversary. I've finally found "my" sound through the OR15 - it's a great little workhorse. While it does clean up when I roll back the volume, there isn't enough volume to be heard - but i LOVE the overdriven sound. I'd like to add a second amp head through my 1x12 using a radial headbone. i like to keep things lightweight and as simple as possible, although the headbone with two amps will complicate things a little of course. believe it or not, i typically run the OR15 on 7 watt mode and run it hot for that great tube saturation. when it's on 15 watt mode, i can pretty much get the clean sound/volume i'm looking for.

as an FYI, i'm not interested in a single amp and/or running pedals to solve my issue. I'm strictly looking for advice on a low wattage clean amp head. i'd prefer a small form-factor head.

what suggestions would you have for me? i've been looking at the supersonic 22 head, AC15 head, bassbreaker 20 and 45... etc. i don't mind a little grit in my clean, but also love the typical fender shimmery cleans. i play a LP and a fat Strat.

i appreciate any help! thank you
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