Fernandes Ravelle Deluxe, 2005, serial: FG05051129

I acquired this guitar secondhand in 2007, 2 years after it's build date. Always stayed completely in love with it since I bought it. Long story short it sat for a couple of years (got married, band broke up etc...) and I need to replace some parts.

The bridge, knobs, pots, and tuners. I know the bridge is tune-o-matic but there's different versions of it.

It has been 3 years since I've spoke with anyone from fernandes, now that I return it's all different. When I go to support it says this : "No guitar dating or technical support for old products [pre 2008]"

OK, I emailed anyway, seeing if they could at least direct me to who could help me. I'm not good with measurements and specifics with guitars, I would like at LEAST a parts list and measurement reference. I don't have the know-how to do this stuff. It's been 4 days. No response. This guitar was over $1000, I expect at least a redirect, what the hell?

Does anyone know who to contact or what to do about this? I just want to fix it up, it's nonfunctional at this point, and I don't have any other electric guitars. She's my baby.
pots and knobs are an easy one, look at the value and get the same value. i like bournes myself but most are fine. get knobs that fit that you like.

as far as tuners go you need to figure out where the holes are that anchor them as well as the diameter of the shaft.

what is wrong with the bridge?

I get why you need to change pots but the rest? Why do you find it necessary to change the other parts? Wouldn't a good cleaning suffice?
lets see some pics.
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lets see some pics.


Maybe replacing the hardware won't be necessary.
the bridge is rusted together pretty bad, I'm guessing after that last show i didn't wipe it off and any sweat just sat, so the bridge and knobs are rusty red. A tech friend took a look and said it needed a new bridge the most. the input jack had been messing up for the last few months so I automatically knew I wanted to replace that. I think i'm fine on everything BUT the bridge. I can figure the rest out. If someone from fernandes could just direct to the proper bridge I'll be fine.
At a guess, those are pretty standard parts. You should be able to find a replacement easily enough.
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is there a how-to on measuring your guitar bridge specifics somewhere I can reference?

You'll want the center-to-center distance of the posts.

So simply measure from the outside edge of one post to the inside edge of the other, which is exactly the same as the C2C distance.
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And just get black Ping/Schallers for the tuners. The stock Fernandes ones aren't that impressive.
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