Just a post to say Howdy. I've taken chords and tab from here for quite a while. I'm coming up on age 62 and have been playing guitar since age 12. I started learning to play mandolin almost 2 years ago. My tastes run to what is called soft rock these days; Eagles, James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt with Lynyrd Skynyrd being as hard rock as I get. I'm kind of laid up due to spinal surgery, but in normal times I play and sing at a local pub called Garlic Brothers, as a pretty frequent guest of Bill Stephen's band, sometimes with the band, but also play solo. My acoustic guitar tastes run to Taylor (810 and 815c), Martin (D-18, D-28 'D-35) and a custom Koa Larrivee. named "Flipper". My electric guitar tastes are usually bent to Fender Tele's and Strat. I've picked up a taste for Ibanez acoustic/electrics, Artcore AR325 and AF55 Hollow-Body Electric and now a black Artwood Vintage 12-Fret Dreadnought. If I'm at the mic solo, the big sound of the 12 string is a comfort. I go to Fender and Peavey for amps and BOSS for my pedal board and stomp boxes. BOSS effects boxes pretty much lay down the effect and simply survive through years of heavy use and a bit of abuse. I look forward to sharing the magic of music with you folks.